A few words About Us

We are operating since 2000, Our services include a variety of craftsman activities, such as the embellishment of interior residential properties, such as equipments, tile, wood and uPVC care, we specialise in providing cost and energy saving modernisation of buildings in painting and decorating solutions, advanced window glass replacement.

We believe most building and homes can be protected with modern façade coating paint
in housing association and buildings where we are present with a master operation, insulation, flooring and fixtures, floor coatings, concrete repair and more. Gradually we expand the cooperation with the trades that are needed for an extensive modernization or a new addition - our customers can count on our - ONE STOP - services.


Quality guarantee in every aspect in what we do!

We ensure and will try as hard as we can to meet the planned long life and quality to assure years of enjoyment in our work to your property from the first day after decoration or repairs. An important prerequisite for quality for us is that employee and staff are trained on the latest coatings technology, materials and methods from the " inside out ", and also the knowledge about the professional trades communication that connect to deliver and perform.

Finally since many design require expertise, the master craftsmen also assists in the execution of large or complex construction projects

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What our clients say

  • "Miko Decorating Ltd is a great company to work with"

    "A very reliable and trustworthy company"

    "Prices are unbeatable and it is a pleasure to work with them"
  • "They are always quick and responsive at all time"

    "We can confirm the quality and efficiency of first class at all time"

    "we consider miko decorating ltd as the first contractor to contact when it comes to decorating"
"We will be continuing to use this company on future projects"

"It is great to know that in case of an emergency miko decorating Ltd is quick to deal with it"